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We are an Organization Committed to Sustainable Agriculture and Farming. Offering technology and innovative products to process the harvest.
Vietnam Sustainable Energy Technology Joint Company (SETECH Vietnam) is an enterprise operating in the field of Food Technology and the first unit providing dryers using Solar Technology in Vietnam. With more than 7 years of experience, SETECH always wants to help farmers access the most advanced post-harvest processing and preservation technologies of agriculture and aquatic products, there by improving the quality of agricultural and fishery products after the harvest. Each of the dryer has different capacities which can be used from small household to medium processing facilities and other industrial scale operations for large factories.
As we increase our Global Footprint, Join Us in this Journey !

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We have always endeavored to support local farmers with innovative technology to preserve, process, and pack their harvest. We feel with right technology at affordable price, we will be able to make difference for the farming communities in under-developed countries.

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