Polycarbonate Tent Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer Hygiene

Allows remote monitoring via smart phone and website.

Solar Dryer Color
10+ Years

Super Durabale, UV resistant, Long lifespan

Solar Dryer Running
Heat Pump Drying Technology

Heat Pump for Nights & Rainy Days

Solar Dryer Clock
3 Stage power levels

Save Energy optimally on the actual drying capacity

Solar Dryer

Polycarbonate Tent Solar Dryer

Polycarboate Solar dryer is an integrated device between the dryer using solar energy and the electric dryer. During the day, the dryer uses solar energy for drying.
At night or when it rains, the dryer still works normally thanks to the thermal drying or cold drying technology.

Our Solar dryers machine are used for drying of all types of fruits and vegetables. This commercial fruit dehydrator is also used for drying of Abalone Mushrooms. We have drying techniques for almost all the Products.

solar dryer mushroom
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Description Of Polycarbonate Tent Solar Dryer

A novel and eco-friendly way to address the needs of small scale food processing industries. The salient features include:

– Not dependent on weather.
– Ensuring food safety and hygiene because it is not affected by rain, wind, dust, and insects
– The low drying temperature retains the original color, taste and nutrients of the product, improving the quality of the output.
– Thanks to the convection fan system, hot air is evenly distributed in the drying house to help the product dry evenly.
– Having the remote control system saves working time and labor.
– Reasonable investment costs.

– Capacity: 900 – 1500 kg of fresh materials / batch
– Drying time: depending on the product – Drying temperature: 30 – 60°C
– Dimensions: 8.2m long x 3.25m wide x 2.9.m high.
– Total available drying area: 153.6 m2
– Power supply (V/ Hz/ Phase): 380V / 50Hz / 3 phase.

The roof system which can absorb solar heat
– Made of plastic sheets which can absorb solar heat.
– Lifespan is over 10 years.
– Super durable, UV resistant and helps to keep product color.

Drying chamber
– Quantity: 1 system
– Dimensions: 8.0m long x 2.75m wide x 2.25m high.
– Material: Rockwool insulated sandwich panel with 5cm thickness.
– Coating material: 304 stainless steel – used for drying fruits and foods

Heat pump system
– Helps to dry at night / rainy day with high efficiency, saving electricity, keeping quality and color of the product.

Control cabinet
– Monitors and controls via HDMI screen.
– Allows you to choose a flexible drying mode depending on the product
– Allows remote monitoring via smart phone and website.
– Displays and controls temperature, humidity and time in the drying chamber.
– Designed exclusively with 3 power levels, helping to save energy optimally depending on the actual drying capacity.

Drying racks :
Materials: Heat-resistant plastic for drying foods and fruits.

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